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The refrigerant resides in the a/c system. The a/c compressor initiates the high-side of the system where it is compresses the refrigerant into a high-pressure state causing it to liquefy. It travels through the high-pressure lines to the condenser. The condenser which is similar to a small radiator, puts the liquid in contact with fresh air on the outside of the vehicle, which absorbs the heat from the liquid. It then flows into the expansion valve where it is restricted and becomes gaseous into the low-pressure side of the a/c system. Then it flows into the receiver accumulator to remove and collect unwanted moisture and impurities. The clean gaseous refrigerant then travels through the tubing into the evaporator. Refrigerant in its gaseous state is now able to absorb heat from the air passing through the evaporator fins, leaving behind the cooler air. Fans blow this cooler dry air into the car’s cabin. The refrigerant travels back to the compressor in the suction hose of the a/c system to get compressed back into the high-pressure gas and begin the process again.

With every Air-Con service, we will replace the pollen/cabin filter of your car, re-gas the air-condition system and give you a FREE DEODORISE TREATMENT to freshen up the air flow in just 45 minutes!!

*If there are any leaks in the system, you will not be charged and we will give you a heads up about the problem and a quotation to get the problem fixed.


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